Sliding Gates
Hay Feeder


200kg or 440lbs

Fully Assembled Dimensions:

2650 x 1400 x 1800 or 8’5” x 4’8” x 5’5” (LxHxW)

Flat-packed Dimensions:

2650 x 1100 x 200 or 8’5” x 3’8” x 0’8” (LxHxW)


Prevents the hay from being damaged from adverse weather. This means that feed is better utilized because there is less waste.

Lifting Strap

The Sliding Gates Hay Feeders has a strap that allows a tine of a FEL to go in it and lift it. This allows the feeder to be lifted over the bale by using the machine that brought the bale to the feeder. This gives the farmer a simple way of loading the feeder with bales.

Bale Jai - SGHF lifting strap

Adjustable Width Bars

The vertical bars on the Sliding Gates Hay Feeders are adjustable and able be fastened at a number of widths. This makes the product suitable for goats, sheep, mature cattle, calves, horses, etc.

Bale Jail - SGHF - Adjustable Width Bars

Bale Jail Advantages

Waste Saving:

  • Roof keeps feed dry
  • Feed stays behind the sliding gates of the feeder


  • Option of using round or square bales
  • Both sheep and cattle can feed from it
  • Horizontal bars to prevent cattle getting their heads stuck

Easy to use:

  • 2 different options for loading
  • Can easily be moved

Sliding Gates

The hay is contained within the 2 sliding gates. As the stock consume the hay behind the gates, they push the gates in. The sliding of the gates is helped by them moving on a slight slope. This means that they will always rest against the hay and contain it behind the bars of the gates. This prevents the feed from being wasted by trampling, soiling, urine.

Bale Jail - SGHF - Sliding GatesBale Jail - SGHF - Sliding Gates

Removable Sliding Gates and Containment Sheet

These parts are removable so bales can be loaded into the feeder from the side. The Sliding Gates have a removable tube in each end of it. These are fastened by shaft lock pins. The Containment Sheet slides in a housing at the bottom, pivots over a shaft and have a Lynch pin to lock it in place.

Bale Jail - SGHF - Sliding Gates and Containment Sheet