Cradle Hay Feeder


85kg or 187lbs

Fully Assembled Dimensions:

1850 x 900 x 1680 or 6’1” x 3’ x 5’6” (LxHxW)

Flat-Packed Dimensions:

1850 x 900 x 125 or 6’1” x 3’ x 0’5” (LxHxW)

Note: this product is not suitable for horses or cattle between the ages of 6 and 18 months. Advantage Feeders recommends the Tray Hay Feeders for cattle and horses.

Waste Saving

  • Hay or silage is contained within the sides of the Cradle Hay Feeder, preventing the feed from being wasted by trampling, soiling and urine.
  • Our Cradle Hay Feeder’s floor features six holes to drain moisture away and suspends bales 200mm above the ground, preventing the majority of hay from falling to the ground and being spoilt by such manners.

Bale Jail - CHF drainage holes

  • Round bales drain naturally when placed in an upright position. This means that hay or silage can be used in comparable conditions for longer than bales on their sides. Longevity is further enhanced as bale tops are eaten last.

Bale Jail Advantages

Less Waste:

  • Bale is raised off the ground
  • Bale position ensures drainage

Easy To Use:

  • No front-end loader required for loading
  • Can move loaded


  • Sheep, lambs, calves and mature cattle can feed from it
  • Stock are able to finish entire bale
  • Can be used to feed hay and silage


  • It is significantly stronger than other products on the market

Loading Methods

Roll-Loading Method

The Cradle Hay Feeder end panels have rounded sides. This allows the feeder placement over the bale, where it can be tied on and then pulled back into loaded position – no front-end-loader required. This offers more flexibility in circumstances where properties are separated by distance. Feeders can be loaded by simply rolling round bales off the side of pick-ups or trailers

Bale Jail - CHF roll loading

Front-End Loader Method

A front-end loader can simply top-load the Cradle Hay Feeder.

Moving the Cradle Hay Feeder


The Cradle Hay Feeder comes with two 75mm wide skids as standard. These allow towing of the feeder in wet and dry conditions. The skids have a bar between them featuring two loops which allow a rope or chain to be attached to them for towing.

Front-End Loader

Front-end loaders can pick up and move the Cradle Hay Feeder loaded providing the tines of the FEL have pierced the hay and the feeder is strapped to the bale.