About Us

BALE JAIL is part of the Advantage Feeders group. It is BALE JAIL’s passion to increase the production of farms with lower inputs. We do this by developing innovative new types of feeding equipment to reduce waste.

Bale Jail Breakout

BALE JAIL’s innovation is the basis of our success. Product development is an ongoing process at BALE JAIL. We have released innovative products every year since our inception in 2011.

Bale Jail and Advantage Feeders continue to expand across Canada, the USA, Australia, the UK and New Zealand.

North American Dealers: Marlin and Myrna Huber

Marlin and Myrna Huber

Marlin and Myrna are responsible for our North American market. They run their own business, Huber Ag Equipment, where they sell a variety of shortline and other used Farm Equipment.

They feel extremely blessed to have six children (three boys and three girls). All are a great asset on the family farm and a pile of fun to have around!

Between them all they run a farm of 200 sheep, cattle, goats as well as some horses, pastured poultry and, of course, guard dogs.

Given their busy family and farming life, they are thrilled about saving time and use BALE JAIL feeders on their own farm.

They both look forward to getting out to farm shows and sharing the benefits of using BALE JAIL with you, our future customers.